Tuesday, March 03, 2020

3 Photos That Will Change The Way You Think About Dance: Snapshots from "Bodies Beyond Borders"

By Madison Cappuccio

From Bodies Beyond Borders: Dance on the U.S./Mexico Border

If you were asked to describe a dancer, what kind of person would you describe? Athletic? Graceful, perhaps? These descriptions are certainly valid but now is the time to challenge how we interpret dancing and it's impact on culture. In Bodies Beyond Borders: Dance on the U.S./Mexico Border, readers will ultimately examine the relationship between dance and language.

Pilar Medina. (Rocío Alejandra)
The stance depicted in this photo encapsulates expression and the body's ability to project symbolism. The shot is still, but our eyes follow the flow of her movement. She conveys beauty, strength, and power all in one swift raise.  Her body becomes a vessel as to how she communicates; she transcends the barrier of language. 

Dancers are storytellers. In the absence of words, crafted choreography is utilized to tell stories of life. Dancing depicts the innermost intricacies of the human body, mind, and spirit. 

Take a look at the facial expression of the dancer to the left-what do you see? More importantly, what does she make you feel? 

Ballet Cámara de la Frontera. (Arturo Casillas)
The synchronization of movement symbolizes solidarity. The five dancers become one as they deliver their theatrical performance. Through their shared passion, they achieve"...a means of cultural diffusion...a channel of communication and friendship."

Taller Coreográfico de la UABC. (Arturo Casillas)

Sequences of steps are employed to create a sense of surrealism. Dancers evoke emotion by use of motion to reflect reality. In some cases, dancers offer a temporary escape from reality.

These "promoters of culture" defy societal boundaries by expressing their identity through the performing arts. In Patricia Cardona's essay, "Something More Than Reptiles and Thistles" she describes dancers best: "They are like drops of water whose sound is still there, still in the spirits, still in the feelings of the inhabitants." Revolutionize the way you interpret dance by dancing  your way through Bodies Beyond Borders here.

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