Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Discover the Past with Dead Sea Scrolls by Risa Levitt Kohn with SDSU Press

"The Dead Sea Scrolls have revolutionized the study of the Bible, early Judaism, and early Christianity." -
-Michael Wise 1996.
In this sleek paperback by Risa Levitt Kohn, one will uncover the many mysteries of the Dead Sea Scrolls -- great historical texts that were created over 2,000 years ago.  The content of these scrolls is mind blowing; they have the earliest known manuscripts of works that were included in the Hebrew Bible.  They have changed what many people thought they knew about Judaism and Christianity.

San Diego State University along with the San Diego Natural History Museum has brought to print all the extraordinary findings in the Dead Sea Scrolls together in this book.  It contains beautifully vivid pictures of the scrolls and in depth explanations of what they mean.  Through them, you are able to look into the language and beliefs of people from thousands of years ago!  If you're up for a blast from the past this is the book for you! Both informational and exciting, the Dead Sea Scrolls is the book for any mood.

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150 Years of Evolution: Darwin's Impact on Contemporary Thought Culture

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Do you ever wonder how the world came to be and why things are the way they are? There are millions of people and events that have made the present what it is and have changed the way people think about things.  There was one man, however, that made a greater impact than most events or people and his name was Charles Darwin.  If you want to find out about what this innovative researcher  did to impact the present world, how he did it, and what he discovered, this book is perfect for you!

This wide-ranging anthology delves into Darwin's revolutionary discoveries in evolution.  Created in commemoration of Charles Darwin's 200th birthday, 150 Years of Evolution: Darwin's Impact on Contemporary Thought & Culture is a combination of crucial studies on Darwin's theories and essays from scholars discussing them.  If you are interested in Darwin's theories and in discussions of life this is the book for you!

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