Friday, June 10, 2016


Enrique Morones once embarked on the same journey across the border into the United States that thousands of migrants cross every year. "The Migrant Trail" or the most traveled trail for migrants coming from Mexico leads into Arizona through a long and grueling trek through the desert. In Border Angels: The Power of One, Morones writes about his experience on the trail in 2008, and although he calls it an "activity that has strengthened me and many others," it is a difficult and dangerous journey to embark on. Morones and his fellow activists quickly realized that survival on the trail needed strategy. They had 12 hour days that required a good pace and accurate timing, and in the end, some needed medical attention to be hospitalized. Now, eight years later, Border Angels activists continue to embark on the same trail, this time to drop gallons of waters for the immigrants who will attempt to cross the border every day.

There will be another water drop on Saturday, June 18th, with over 100 members already participating. To participate, please RSVP by emailing

There will also be a dinner coming up this November to grant thanks and appreciation to the activists, sponsors, and successes of Border Angels. As Morones documented in Border Angels: The Power of One, Border Angels has worked to advocate for social justice in the lives of travelers and undocumented workers. Morones has battled against politicians, traveled across the nation, and helped the poor wherever he could find them. His organization has been an inspiration to people such as Dave Rivas, a San Diegan actor, voice-over actor, director and playwright who will be performing at the Border Angels dinner this November.                                                                                                           In order to attend and participate in any Border Angels upcoming events or to become a "guardian angel" and donate to the inspirational organization, contact Enrique Morones at or visit their website.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Mourning Dove's Short Stories

 “This volume is a product Morning Dove’s intense interest in her people’s past.”

Considered to be the first Native American woman novelist, Mourning Dove represents the Okanagan people of the Pacific Northwest thorough the folklore found in her short stories. These stories reveal the history of the Okanagan and the early life of Mourning Dove. As an intense listener, she absorbed these stories and memorized them. The stories found in this book provide insight into a culture from the Pacific Northwest that is rarely mentioned. This book serves a cultural and historical piece for the Okanagan people and Native Americans of the Pacific Northwest.

“These stories are rich in culture, wisdom and meaning.”

Like always, the SDSU Press never fails to represent the people that are almost forgotten and lost. Tap into some of the earliest American literature with this wonderful collection. 

This book can be purchased here