Monday, April 20, 2020

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SDSU Press's Comix Imprint Has a New Title Debuting in May 2020! THE PHANTOM ZONE AND OTHER STORIES by José Alaniz

More Than Money: A Memoir by Claudia Dominguez -- From San Diego State University Press #sdsupress

 More Than Money: A Memoir by Claudia Dominguez

MORE THAN MONEY: A Memoir by Claudia Dominguez is a graphic novel/memoir that recounts the true story of how the author's family recovered their father after he was kidnapped in Mexico City. The reader will feel the helplessness of the kidnapping but also be heartened by the humor and warmth of people who find themselves in a crisis.

MORE THAN MONEY is the first issue from Amatl Comix, a new SDSU Press imprint. Amatl Comix publishes all the dynamic, contemporary graphic narratives we can get our hands on! Our first issue showcases the brilliant work of an up and coming Mexican comic book star, Claudia Dominguez.


Sunday, April 19, 2020

Latin American / Brazilian Urban Studies & Late 20th Century Urban Studies from San Diego State University Press

Modernism, Brazil-style! A Latin American cultural critique classic from SDSU Press--now on sale at our Amazon outlet mall: 

With TWO-WAY STREET: THE PAULISTA AVENUE, FLUX AND COUNTER-FLUX OF MODERNITY, Marta Bogéa presents São Paulo's Paulista Avenue from "the other side of the street." Bogéa offers a semiotic analysis of the richly varied architectural styles of this major Latin American urban space. In this work urban studies and cultural studies fuse--urban space is seen as a coded form of communications network that emerges via careful critical examination. 

Think Barthes meets Brazil, and you begin to parse Bogéas achievement in this study. 

By considering apparent contradictions between the official hegemonic discourse of unified styles, and and what abuts and abrades them from the surrounding, unpredictable urban fabric, the author demonstrates the interventionist and utopian role of criticism. Separate chapters cover the period from the great mansions through modernism and the International Style as it appeared (and evolved) in São Paulo. For scholars and graduate students of urban studies, modernism, and cultural criticism in a Latin American context, this is a must-have critical resource.

Now Back in Print as a Full Color Trade Paperback! Dr. Joseph W. Ball's Cahal Pech, the Ancient Maya, and Modern Belize: The Story of an Archaeological Park from San Diego State University Press