Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Future of Poetry in a Pretty Little Pink Book

Hello there Poetry Patrons! Let's jump right to the Good Stuff

For those of you who tend to cringe when you hear the word poetry, I was once in your shoes.  After sitting through middle school, high school, and college classes where teachers didn't know how to teach poetry - or more importantly, taught me how boring poetry was - I loathed the course assignments that had anything to do with poetry.  But now, as my eyes have been privileged to glance upon pages and pages of poetry I actually understand, and have had the opportunity to work with professors who eat, breathe and live poetry, I have come to realize just how beautiful poetry can be.

Just this past January, during the President's Inauguration, poetry came to the forefront of the minds of United States' Citizens.  A man by the name of Richard Blanco delivered a beautiful poem about his experiences in America.  In a CNN interview with him, Richard said, "Regardless of my cultural, socioeconomic background and my sexuality, i have been given a place at the table, or more precisely, at the podium, because that is America."  Richard brought life back into the poetry world (even though it never really died, he mainly brought it back into mainstream society) and a new found love for poetry seems to be pounding through the heart of America.  

Here, I shall introduce you to the book ZAUM: The Transrational Poetry of Russian Futurism

Pronounced ZA-OOM, Zaum is a Russian Futuristic neologism used to describe words or language whose meaning is "indefinite" or indeterminate.  It is a theory, which was given the clever nickname "beyonsense" because those who wish to understand this theory must learn to both embrace and let go of rational thinking while utilizing those witty and intelligent muscles sitting stagnant in your brain just waiting to absorb Gerald Janecek's brilliant work. 

Don't worry if you don't know how to speak Russian.  Like every great book that is translated for you enjoyment, it is completely written in English, and those Russian poems are translated to suit your poetry needs.  

If you are interested in modern poetry or art (or are simply trying to become a cultural American citizen by branching out of your comfort zone) take some time to read through this book and enjoy a whole new side of poetry which has not been explained in depth like this before.  With spring coming around the corner, this is a perfect buy!  What could be better than lounging out in the sun with this book in your hands?  Lounging out in the sun with this book in one hand and a glass of wine in the other! 

A Pink Book with Pink Wine?  That sounds Perfectly: