Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Take A Peek Behind the Advertising Curtain in Humor and Eroticism in Advertising by Maria Cristina da Silva Martins (SDSU Press)

Humor & Eroticism in Advertising succeeds in many different, exciting ways. Within its pages, Maria Cristina da Silva Martins explores the aesthetic and political dimensions of print advertisements and how these function to activate desire and maintain the cycles of consumption in late-capitalist society. Using as her point of departure advertisements published in Brazilian magazines in the eighties, Maria Cristina da Silva Martins shows how the humor/eroticism relation, inserted in the connections between the verbal and the visual, unleashes, in a non-simplistic and unusual manner, political and aesthetic implications between the advertisement and its cultural context. For fans and scholars whose focus is on that of international advertising and marketing, Latin American cultural studies, visual culture and more, Humor & Eroticism in Advertising is a must-have!

Below are some examples of Brazilian advertisements as well as some images from the book: