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Newly Released Book! -- Tijuana: The History of a Mexican Metropolis -- From SDSU Press, San Diego State University

Tijuana: The History of a Mexican Metropolis

Author: T.D. Proffitt, III
Illustrator: Marcia Donato

Originally published in 1994, Tijuana: The History of Mexican Metropolis was the first book-length study of Tijuana to have appeared in decades. Thurber Proffitt produced an in-depth history that theorizes a symbiotic frontier-one that is mutually advantageous, but also, interdependent, so much so that San Diego, California, and Tijuana, Baja California, emerge as a fused metropolis, a Latinx megalopolis. Now in its second printing, this fascinating chronicle offers 21st century readers a vital sociocultural history, with Tijuana emerging alongside San Diego as twin cities on the edge of a vital tomorrow.

Third sanctuary of the First Baptist Church of Tijuana

Take a closer look at what this captivating book has to offer: Tijuana: The History of a Mexican Metropolis