Monday, May 14, 2012

To Anthropologists And Explorers of Culture (that means you, Indiana Jones)--The World of the Tipai available through our Tipai Ethnographic Notes

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Jerry Moore, Professor of Anthropology at California State University, Dominguez Hills calls   Ethnographic Notes: A Baja California Indian Community at Mid-Century a "salvaged treasure."

American Indian Studies Professor at San Diego State, Richard L. Carrico, praises the book for bringing "new life" to the work of anthropologist William D. Hohenthal.

And Ken Hedges, Curator at the San Diego Museum of Man describes the work as "a vivid account of a living culture making its way in the 20th century while holding onto ancient traditions," adding, "Tipai Ethnographic Notes deserves an honored place on the bookshelf of every California and Baja California anthropologist."

The endorsements are strong, but buy this important historical account and make your own decision.

The book contains incredible ethnographic details about family life, society, religion, government, healing, ethnomedicine and much, much more. Because cultures are constantly evolving, this work provides a snapshot of a way of life that no longer exists.

It's perfect for anyone interested in other cultures, indigenous groups, anthropology, changing societies, religion or the fieldwork of the 1940s--not far off from the time of Indiana Jones, might I add.

Each copy includes a separate, large and detailed map of Baja California during the 1940s, copied from Hohenthal's hand sketches of the area. You'll be hard pressed to find the like anywhere else.

So, buy a copy today (in hardcover or paperback) and let your own anthropological adventure begin.

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