Saturday, November 01, 2014

Nailed to the Wound –José Manuel Di Bella's Collection of Short Stories for San Diego State University Press (SDSU Press)

In a time where Shepard Fairy capitalizes on socialist propaganda and non-conformity is more a social obligation than supporting our troops, Jose Manuel Di Bella speaks from the sutured culture clash that is the U.S. / Mexican border. The tectonic Nailed to the Wound reverberates hosts of all sorts summoning ghost of Heraclitus and Andre Breton alike. Line after line a stream of consciousness shakes U.S. relentless, daring your day to day clock in and clock out nine-to-fives. The cubicle or office job, with the view, that will hold the best fraction of your casket bound life; yet, grasping the pseudo-intellectual socialites, screaming at them, mediocre bull-shit, all the while traveling the unconscious streams of denial, loss, and nostalgia. And You are constantly challenged and constantly welcomed to find a host willing to distract you from the ever demanding palm sized drone. The particle by particle atomized landscapes build on backs of lovers, artist, travelers, bankers, and translators. Rosetta stone tales laced in the hieroglyphs of a transcontinental identity, painting divine images of Cronus, self-indulgent landlords with egos of gods, and stoned musketeers. Nailed to the Wound intoxicates with an unsettling uncertainty and irony nailing us to the borders of our arbitrary flirting identities.