Monday, February 20, 2012

The Tyranny of Data: The Ethics of Tech!

In this era of technology, which provides us with instant access to information on our laptops, televisions, and smart phones, when do we stop to question: where and how did these tech-gadgets get all of this information? And how does all of this instant info about the weather, statistics, and geographical maps streaming at high speed through our technology to us, affect our society?

The Tyranny of Databy Arthur Getis, explores the ethical issues of institutional, scholarly, and social focus and reliance on technologically obtained data.  The book reproduces his prophetic lecture, given by Getis at San Diego State University in 1995, that outlines the problems of relying on data.  He states that, "Questionable research leads to faulty policy, which in turn, can lead to societal disasters."  Although his book relates these issues to the field of contemporary geography, the concepts and concerns expressed in his lecture should be considered by everyone who relies on their computers, smart phones, iPads, and the world wide web for information, in this age of data and technology.
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