Sunday, November 26, 2017

Trilingual Education: Sign Language, Spanish, English, OH MY!

First posted 11/1/14--updated 11/26/17
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Trilingual Education: Sign Language, Spanish, English
New vibrant cover for our 2nd printing of the book.

The title speaks for itself, Trilingual Education: Sign Language, Spanish, English, but I'll elaborate on it a little more in case you want some nitty gritty details.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to speak three languages?  Some people find it difficult to speak one language, but you?  I'm sure you've always had this little voice in your head telling you to broaden your horizons.  Can you even begin to imagine what you could do with three languages?  

Forget Spanglish (for those bilingual speakers).  You could invent SignSpanglish!  

Your resume would be much more colorful than it is now.  How many people actually know three languages fluently (or almost fluently)?  Your future employer would be so impressed, that you'd most likely get hired on the spot!  Who wouldn't find three languages impressive?

At your next family gathering, you could talk to all members of the family without wondering who is talking badly about you behind your back.  You wouldn't even have to let them know that you understand them.  Just sit back, sip on your coffee and enjoy the show. 

These are just a couple of opportunities you could enjoy by utilizing this book. 

Trilingual Education: Sign Language, Spanish, English is written by Kathee M. Christensen and C. Ben Christensen with illustrations by Graham Booth.  According to the Preface, "Currently there are millions of Hispanic families living in the United States.  In this ethnic group there are deaf children...the goal of this project is to facilitate the communication of clear concepts between deaf children and their Spanish speaking families" (4). 

With easy to follow pictures, questions, dialog and exercises, whoever picks up this book will be on their way to understanding sign language in both Spanish and English (with English as the bridge for Spanish speakers to grasp the sign language). 

Don't hesitate any longer!  If this book is for you, follow this link and it will be sent to your mail box immediately: I WANT TO KNOW THREE LANGUAGES ASAP!