Wednesday, August 26, 2020

An Interview with Oscar Arizpe, Co-Author of SDSU Press's and the Institute for the Regional Studies of the Californias's (IRSC) New Book: Loreto, Mexico: Challenges for a Sustainable Future"

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An Interview with Oscar Arizpe Covarrubias
David Ornelas Editorial Associate, SDSU Press

had the opportunity to interview Dr. Oscar Arizpe, one of the three authors of Loreto, Mexico: Challenges for a Sustainable Future. My main goal was to better understand the deeper meanings of the book as well as what made the authors pick this certain topic? and why Loreto? We also touch base on the reason why this may be important for everyone to know even if they don't live in Loreto, Mexico. Dr. Arizpe explores the factors that challenge a sustainable future--on both sides of the border. Dr. Arizpe will also cover some measures that need to be taken and what he recommends others do that will help in the long term. 

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