Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Available Now: Cataract Blues- Running the Keyboard

From the celebrated New York Times Bestselling Author Roger Rosenblatt,

accompanied by drawings by famed illustrator and Pulitzer prize-winning

cartoonist Jules Feiffer comes:

Cataract Blues: Running the Keyboard. 


Rosenblatt’s memoir is a genre-bending adventure that takes the reader through his own poetic lens. By exploring an eclectic group of subjects, ranging from art, music, and literature, to science and architecture, Rosenblatt is able to provide refined, subtle analyses of love, death, nostalgia, and the human experience, with a keen sense of humor placed throughout the book. Combined with Feiffer’s dynamic style, Cataract Blues presents us with a partnership that exemplifies all the curves and edges of life; Rosenblatt’s writings paired with Feiffer’s art leaves us with a musical experience filled to the brim with introspection and insight that is well worth your time.  

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