Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Creating the Future Through the Past With SDSU Press

Honoring The Land: Kumeyaay Culture Publications

SDSU Press' publication finds ways to teach Kumeyaay Culture to young students 

These past few years we have seen the United States educational system making leaps and bounds in the teaching and treatment of other cultures, but we still have holes to fill. SDSU Press has always been devoted to publishing works from a diverse range of cultures, and that is no better shown than in our collection of Kumeyaay and Indigenous peoples centered publications.

Tipai Ethnographic Notes by William D. Hohenthal Jr.
Tipai Ethnographic Notes by William D. Hohenthal Jr. 

Footsteps From the Past into the Future a collection of stories written in English, Spanish, and Kumeyaay

A Teacher's Guide to Historical and Contemporary Kumeyaay Culture by Geralyn Marie Hoffman and Lynn H. Gamble, Ph.D

Of the three main works we have on Indigenous tribes like the Kumeyaay, the teaching guide to the Kumeyaay culutre is the one that is most rooted in the type of educational practices every university press should be encouraging. This teaching guide to the Kumeyaay Culture works to spread information about the past to help better craft a more aware future. 

The publication focuses on aiding teachers of third and fourth grade classrooms on how to better teach and articulate the way that the Kumeyaay people live. And not only how they lived hundreds of years ago, but how their culture is still present today. 

Check out all of our Kumeyaay publications and order A Teacher's Guide to Historical and Contemporary Kumeyaay Culture via our AMAZON to begin teaching the minds of our future with stories from the past.