Monday, September 24, 2012

Spencer Dew's, Learning for Revolution: The Work of Kathy Acker, Brings this Feminist's Work Back to Life

Spencer Dew's Learning for Revolution: The Work of Kathy Acker is providing the public with a comprehensive insight into the work and theory of Kathy Acker. This experimental thinker's theories have not stopped making an impact in various facets of society. Kathy Acker broke the mold of the 'sophisticated scholar' through her provocative and controversial style. Spencer Dew's analysis of Acker does not limit itself to her narratives as he takes a dive into her essays and criticism as well as her teachings. This exploration of her work is crucial for a true understanding of Acker's message and perception of society.

Her scholarly work is not the only component under the microscope; Dew also uses aspects of her life and overall philosophies to take the reader into Acker's world. Dew writes: "Kathy Acker's broadly conceived political and ethical dreams-of a world less defined by inequality, hierarchy, oppression-are dreams which I share. As a scholar and writer, I am urgently concerned with questions of to what extent and through what means literature and art can bring about change of political structures, alter and construct communities, and redefine relations between human beings."
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This feminist theorist is brought to life through Spencer Dew's Learning for Revolution: The Work of Kathy Acker! Make sure to pick up your SDSU Press copy today!