Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Uncover the Mystery with the Dead Sea Scrolls by Risa Levitt Kohn

Movies, books, fairytales, and legends based on grand discoveries have always been of great intrigue to people of all ages and cultures. There is a human craving for knowledge of the past, of the lives that existed thousands of years before us. San Diego State University along with the San Diego Natural History Museum brought to print the groundbreaking findings with Religious Studies Professor Risa Levitt Kohn's Dead Sea Scrolls--published in collaboration with SDSU Press.
This gorgeous trade paperback not only features vivid images of scrolls created over 2,000 years ago, but it also provides information surrounding their discovery and translation. Findings such as these are valuable for people of varying fields of study including history, anthropology, literature, philosophy, linguistics, and religious studies. In their prefatory piece, Joan and Irwin Jacobs note that these scrolls have been considered to be "among the greatest archeological treasures ever found"(10). Through these scrolls we are able to peek into the writings, language, and beliefs from the past. With the Dead Sea Scrolls, we are finally able be a tangible part of the stories of exploration, mystery and discovery! 
Follow this link for an extensive interview with the author, Risa Levitt Kohn.

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Here's a recent streaming video on the historical significance of the scrolls: