Monday, June 18, 2012

Explore the secrets of the Mayans in Everett Jackson's Four Trips to Antiquity (SDSU Press)

Dive into this fantastic narrative about an artist who loses himself to the antiquity and depth of ancient art! Told in humorous and incisive fashion, the tales of his trips to antiquity challenge the reader to consider the subject of sculpture not as "art" but as a doorway to the heart. The novel includes copious illustrations done by the Everett Jackson himself at the sites visited on his travels.

Available now through SDSU Press.

Have a taste of the mysterious sculptures found within:

It is important to note that the end of 2012 (and, subsequently, the world) rapidly approaches! Perhaps you might discover something in the sculptures that could save us all!

More shots from this gorgeous book:

back cover ~ click to enlarge

front flap ~ click to enlarge

back flap ~ click to enlarge

center spread ~ click to enlarge