Friday, May 15, 2020

A Study of Italian Experimental Poetry -- Voyage to the end of the Word -- SDSU Press #sdsupress

Voyage to the end of the word
A study of Italian experimental poetry by one of Europe's most noted and innovative writers and another fine volume on the avant garde by SDSU Press

Voyage to the End of the World encapsulates the spirit of the poet through its discussion and inclusion of various forms of puns, visuality, neologisms, and the full range of devices that poets have relied on to expand the capabilities of expressive language for years! 

Rento Barilli
Renato Barilli, critic and literary historian of Italian art was born in Bologna in 1935; he teaches aesthetics and art history at the University of Bologna. Barilli came to fame in the 1960s, part of a new European avant-garde movement that culminated in what came to be called "Group 63". As a literary critic, he was associated with, among other things, the French nouveau roman, the contemporary Italian fiction and the latest trends of the avant-garde poetry. As an art critic, has covered cutting-edge aesthetics, from pop art to body art and his work is particularly focused on the avant-garde and the relationship between art and technology, and in particular between art and computers. 

More Insight 
A painting of Rento Barilli from an Italian newspaper
In 1996 he published an impressive essay "The Dawn of the Contemporary: European Art from Fiissli to Delacroix", which analyzes some of the most important examples of modern and contemporary art. In "Comedy of Kafka" (1999), Barilli gives an interpretation of Freud's reading of the famous German writer.