Wednesday, March 08, 2023

David Ward-Steinman’s Stirring Discourse Regarding the Arts

Humans have enjoyed art for centuries, with several types of mediums to express oneself, and by extension, to analyze. One might suggest digesting a piece of music would be variable to digesting a painting, or a building, however, Professor David Ward-Steinman investigates and proposes the similarities of different types of artwork. In his book, diagrams and images are placed alongside transcripts of Ward-Steinman’s lectures from universities in order to delve deeper into his own thoughts of how different mediums of artwork is examined, or rather, how they can be examined with similar techniques. For example:

Ward-Steinman, aside from being a professor in music, as well as a Composer-in-Residence for both the Tampa Bay area, and San Diego State University, also earned the title Distinguished Professor of Music Emeritus at the latter location. With a rich musical background behind him, he is able to take the way music is composed and developed, as well as the process of which it is read, and apply those same standards and techniques to other mediums. 

His thoughts do however go beyond comparing music to other artforms; he also takes the time to show how viewing paintings can be taken in similar ways to pieces of architectural design. 

Ward-Steinman also spends part of his lectures regarding how different mediums of art can be separated into their own groups, and what makes them distinct from one another. 

Between the professor’s words, precise diagrams regarding the lecture, and in addition to that, questions asked to him that are answered eloquently, Toward a Comparative Structural Theory of the Arts is well worth the time of anyone who fancies themselves an enjoyer of art, regardless of the structure or form.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2023

Reviews are in for Susan Cole's THEY MADE A LIST


Reviews are in for Susan Cole's stunning book, They Made a List: A Memoir Beyond Memory. Check out this one found within From the Hill below (featured left).

They Made a List will leave you in wonder too, that what began as an intellectual transaction could result in such a beautiful labor of love.

Roger Rosenblatt, author of The Story I Am: Mad About the Writing Life 

Cole's beautiful memoir investigates her first learned words, as documented by her parents. thanks to their meticulous observations, this book gives the reader not only an in-depth and careful examination of how even the first few words we learn can tie into who you mature into. 

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