Thursday, November 24, 2022

Black Representation in the World of Animation- For Sale Today!

 Do you have a fascination with animation? Film? African-American studies? Darius Gainer synthesizes all three in his book BLACK REPRESENTATION IN THE WORLD OF ANIMATION. Throughout the book, Gainer dissects animation over the last century, and analyzes the positioning and purpose of Black characters in the white-dominated medium. By choosing to discuss an eclectic collection of shows and characters, such as Valerie from JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS, Frozone from THE INCREDIBLES, and Storm from X-MEN, Gainer is able to form a clear picture for the audience regarding the marginalization of minorities in animation. 

With praise from other academics in similar fields, such as Tim Fielder, author of INIFINITUM: AN AFROFUTURIST TALE, and John Jennings, professor and comics illustrator, Gainer’s work is a necessary read for everyone wanting a deeper understanding of media, and to a greater extent, the world around them. 

You can purchase the book here!