Thursday, September 06, 2012

An Experimental Journey in Avant Garde Wizardry and Synthesis! All within Renato Barilli's Voyage to the End of the World (SDSU PRESS)

Renato Barilli accomplishes something wildly different and radically unexpected in his Italian translated work, Voyage to the End of the World. By combining extravagantly experimental poetry as well as deep rooted critical discussion, Barilli brilliantly blazes a spotlight on the Italian experimental poetry of the 1960's-70's in a theoretical context indebted to Saussure's concept of the linguistic sign and Freud's notion of pre-oedipal bliss. 

Voyage to the End of the World encapsulates the spirit of the poet through its discussion and inclusion of various forms of puns, visuality, neologisms, and the full range of devices that poets have relied on to expand the capabilities of expressive language for years! 

Experience a wicked rekindling of avant garde in Voyage to the End of the World, available through the SDSU Press!

And check out the explosive performance of Totino, an author of one of the works in Barilli's journey, below!