Tuesday, September 08, 2020

Best Selling Author, Claudia Dominguez brings you: More Than Money a Memoir -- the first issue from Amatl Comix, a new SDSU Press imprint! -- #sdsupress

More Than Money: A Memoir by Claudia Dominguez

 ORE THAN MONEY: A Memoir by Claudia Dominguez is a graphic novel/memoir that recounts the true story of how the author's family recovered their father after he was kidnapped in Mexico City. The reader wil l feel the helplessness of the kidnapping but also be heartened by the humor and warmth of people who find themselves in a crisis. 


 Amatl Comix and Claudia Dominguez Background

An aficionado of comics and experimental novels, Nericcio had been tracking the growing number of university publishers championing graphic narratives. With approval from the SDSU Press board of editors, he created a new division, Amatl Comix, with Dominguez’s book as its premiere publication.

The publication of “More Than Money” by SDSU Press affords the book singular status in the graphic novel universe. Pop culture has become a serious field of study at universities, and Dominguez said she is thrilled to have contributed. She’s currently working on a second graphic novel about a young girl in Mexico City who rebels against family and societal expectations after a series of empowering adventures with an underground feminist group.    

On a deeper level, her story is also a lens into the corruption and lawlessness that taints everyday life in Mexico. “I knew it was important for this s