Friday, October 30, 2009

Noam Chomsky and the Gilmore Girls: As Tight as the JoBro’s Skinny Jeans

Noam Chomsky: professor, leftist thinker, creator of the Chomsky Hierarchy of Formal Languages, all around rabble rouser and... CW star?

That's right. Everyone's favorite anarchist philosopher was regularly featured on the CW's hit teen drama Gilmore Girls.

Take a look at these snippets:

Rory (refusing to dip fruit in her chocolate fondue): We're fondue purists, Grandma.
Lorelai: Yeah, we dip old school.
Emily: The government says you should have nine servings of fruits and vegetables per day.
Lorelai: Imperialist propaganda.
Rory: Noam Chomsky would agree.
Lorelai: I bet Noam doesn't dip fruit.

Or in a dramatic showdown between Rory Gilmore and the Senior Class President about the school rules on appropriate hemline lengths:

Francie: This is politics. If you've got a problem, tell it to Noam Chomsky.

Yes, folks. Chomsky's in, like Ed Hardy t-shirts or Megan Fox—but sexier. Well, not really, but he’s still this season’s must-have theorist.

Feeling a little worried that you’ll be the only one at your local sock hop without any delectable Noam tidbits to share? Wondering where you can find some Chomsky to chomp on before the next Open Mic Poetry Night at that indie coffee joint?

Look no further, because the SDSU Press has got you covered. With this:

More Trendy than Glitter Lip Gloss Even saying the title makes you seem smart! And it's only $6.95! For Real!

It’s written by Chomsky himself, my friends. Trust me, be the first kid on your block to score this, and you can turn up your nose at that girl down the street that managed to get tickets to the Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Tour and has been lording it over you ever since (not that you wanted to go, anyway).

What are you waiting for? You can order it here! You know you want to.

P.S. Does anyone else think “Noam doesn’t dip fruit” would make a great t-shirt slogan?