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AMY SARA CARROLL's Unique Ménage à Trois of Poetry, Art, and Critical Theory, SECESSION, Now Available from Hyperbole Books, an Imprint of San Diego State University Press

Hyperbole Books, an eclectic imprint of San Diego State University Press, is proud to announce the publication of Secession by Amy Sara Carroll.

Here a sampling of our promotional material surrounding this unique publication along with advance word regarding Carroll's unique achievement.  High resolution facsimiles of the book appear above and below--click the images to enlarge. Buy the book now by hitting the amazon link above.

The first volume in Hyperbole Books’s Bi Sheng/Juan Pablos Digitovisuo Artifacts Series—a line of art/literature/critical theory books blurring semantic/semiotic hierarchies—Amy Sara Carroll’s Secession blasts onto the scene with a empowering, vibrant urgency. In its pages, lyric words and cleverly forged images conspire to tell a story of “secession,” a unique textual performance whose enigmatic and engaging revelations are literary, artistic, and personal.
Advance reviews... 
Amy Sara Carroll writes like an acrobat, with tongue-twisting, out of breath lines, that always land on their feet. Secession challenges us in the best ways possible to rethink sexuality, borders, colonization, femininity, and poetry itself. 
Angie Cruz | Assistant Professor of English, Texas A & M, College Station, & author of Soledad and Let It Rain Coffee
 Secession is “Something rogue. Something else you have to figure in before you can figure it out. Solo en sueños, en la poesía, en el juego…” These borrowed lines, from the opening page of Carroll’s brilliant book, frame a photograph of a framed graphic poem-print covered in part by the plastic wand of a pregnancy stick. These images are not juxtaposed, but rather pose questions of art and politics, the intimate and the expansive. The textured layers of Carroll’s composed words and pictures are pregnant with meaning. They beckon us to engage them in all their performative experimentation. This is a book of haptic allusion, illuminations, and
she-er wonder. Enjoy! 
Jennifer DeVere Brody | Professor of Drama and Performance Studies, Stanford University, & author of Punctuation: Art, Politics, and Play 
In the spirit of other queer artists who have had to invent hybrid forms such as graphic narrative and solo performance to say what hasn’t been said, Amy Sara Carroll renews poetry’s tradition of radical practice. Reminding us that poetry is a form of craft, she cuts into a linoleum block to make poems that you can literally see. As the words pile up against one another in both her poem prints and her blocks of lines on the page, she also makes poetry that you can feel. Carroll shows us that secession splits open not just countries but hearts; but, in her new world of the poem as image, unlikely combinations of words and phrases suggest new forms of affiliation. The interviews and critical essays included in this volume extend the conversation begun in the poems, further contributing to Secession’s vision of poetry as public practice. 
Ann Cvetkovich | Garwood Centennial Professor of English and Professor of Women’s and Gender Studies, University of Texas, Austin, & author of An Archive of Feelings: Trauma, Sexuality, and Lesbian Public Cultures
I want to say Secession is Blakean in that printmaking-meets-poetry sort of way. And then I want to say it is feminist in that “¡viva la vulva!” way. And then I want to say it is a contact zone in that Guamán Poma sort of way. Few books manage to bring together so much, to think with so many differences. So what I really mean is that Secession is an unusual and lovely book, one that is resonant and yet also singular, smart, and sexy.
Juliana Spahr | Associate Professor of English, Mills College, & author of This Connection of Everything with Lungs and Everybody’s Autonomy: Connective Reading and Collective Identity
Amy Sara Carroll is Assistant Professor of American Culture, Latina/o Studies, and English at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. She received a Ph.D. in Literature from Duke University (2004), and an MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry) from Cornell University (1995).
$49.95 USA | $640 MEX | €38 EURO      ISBN 1879691965 
Bi Sheng/Juan Pablos Digitovisuo Artifacts Series, Volume I
For readers who dig any or all of the following:
·       poetry
·       art
·       cultural studies
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·       critical theory
·       gender studies
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