Sunday, January 01, 2012

Shackled: 2012 pacificREVIEW Call for Papers

SDSU Press is proud to have pacificREVIEW: a West Coast Arts Review in its stable of literary journals; edited by undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty in the Department of English and Comparative Literature for over 20 years, it continues to evolve in the able hands of its present editors Sofia Vidal, Paris Brown, and Andrea Durazo.

Here is their latest call for papers, now expired (though you might be able to twist their arm to accept a late appeal); the editorial email is:


What images and feelings does the word shackled conjure for you? Do you fetishize it or dread it? Does it evoke a mad pastiche of visions as varied as S&M, prisons, Occupy protest arrests, captives of war, or the constraints of domination by the powerful and wealthy? Any kind of severe repression spawns countless detrimental conditions that affect all aspects of our lives. For many, shackles reify the torturous act of being confined, punished, manacled and oppressed; yet to others, they manifest a means of intensifying desire. In this provocative issue of pacificREVIEW, we want to know how these physical, spiritual, mental, sexual, political and social shackles bind you, and paradoxically, give you a purpose for creative liberation. PacificREVIEW wants your work inspired by the grinding efforts against the shackles of repression. Liberate your short stories, flash fiction, creative non-fiction, essays, poetry, graphic narrative, illustrative art, and photography!

A west coast arts review annual, Pacific REVIEW has published high-quality poetry, prose, and art since 1972. Past issues boast the notable talent of literati and guest contributors including Carolyn Forché, Claribel Alegria, Raymond Federman, Ernesto Cardenal, Robert Coover, Susan Daitch, Steve Kowit, Daniel Halpern, Jorge Luis Borges, Erin Pringle, Ai, Alurista, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Oliver Mayer, and William T. Vollmann.

Editorial queries to:

Pacific Review "Shackled" from Burning Fields Productions on Vimeo.
Pacific Review's Internet Spot - Conceptualized, directed, produced and edited by Andrea Durazo. Executive Producer Sofia Vidal, Director of Photography Jessica Wimbley, Assistant Director Magdalena Ramirez, Camera Operator Nate Elegino, Production Designer Jenn Plonski, Director's Assistant Jasmine Hoshino.


Brenda Rocio said...

I think this is a fantastic concept, and a great video!

William A. Nericcio said...

It's a remarkable work by some remarkable SDSU writers/artists!