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San Diego State University presents, A History in Word and Image by Raymond Starr #sdsupress

History of San Diego State University Through Word and Images 
Author - Raymond Starr

Book Background
Beautiful Picture of SDSU's Hepner Hall
San Diego State University: A History in Word and Image, by Raymond Starr, is the first and only comprehensive history of the largest campus in the California State University system. Originally conceived as a history through photographs by the late John Adams, whose generosity has made possible this publication, the work expanded to become a full-fledged history of the University. Separate chapters cover the founding of the institution in the 1890s in downtown San Diego, subsequent transfer to its Park Avenue site, then later relocation to Montezuma Mesa. 

The start of SDSU
Founded March 13, 1897, San Diego State University began as the San Diego Normal School, a training facility for elementary school teachers. Seven faculty and 91 students met in temporary quarters over a downtown drugstore before moving to a newly constructed 17-acre campus on Park Boulevard.The curriculum was limited at first to English, history and mathematics. Course offerings broadened rapidly under the leadership of Samuel T. Black, who left his position as state superintendent of public instruction to become the new school's first president. Black served from 1898 to 1910.

Night image of SDSU Campus
"I found the book to be a comprehensive guide to SDSU’s history with the text covering one hundred years. As the title promises both a text-based and visual look into the campus’ history, San Diego State University: A History in Word and Image provides an extensive collection of archival photographs and documents that capture the “look” of the university’s evolution rather than simply telling the reader that it occurred. Additionally, the scope of each chapter prior to chapter nine focuses on a particular decade, spanning from the university’s inception to the social justice movements of the 1960s to the changing face of student government in the 1990s."

San Diego State University: A History in Word and Image by Raymond Starr; ISBN 1-879691-30-2 | Trade paperback: 262 pages; illustrated | $34.95 plus shipping/handling | 1995

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