Sunday, May 24, 2020

Men Underground: Working Conditions of British Coal Miners Since Nationalization -- San Diego State University Press

(Social Science Monograph Series, Vol. 1 - Number 4)

Paperback: 155 pages 
Language: English

Book Description:
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Clinton E. Jencks' "Men Underground: Working Conditions of British Coal Miners Since Nationalization" offers an analysis of wages, working conditions, and human relations in British coal mines before and after public ownership was established in 1947. Presented in a non-technical style, the text is accessible to the general reader. It is amply augmented with supplements which include photographs, charts, and tables of statistics on wages. An extensive bibliography on sources and collateral references is included. "Men Underground" is a valuable work for libraries with research collections in the social sciences, as well as for those interested in miners, labor relations, or the controversy over public and private ownership. Originally published in 1969.

Jenecks from the movie, "Salt of the Earth"
About the Author:
Clinton Jencks, (March 1, 1918 – December 15, 2005), was a lifelong activist in labor and social justice causes, most famous for union organizing among New Mexico's miners, acting in the 1954 film Salt of the Earth (where he portrayed "Frank Barnes", a character based on himself), and enduring years of government prosecution for allegedly falsifying a Taft-Hartley non-communist affidavit. Jencks' years in New Mexico were marked by an upsurge of local Chicano labor activism at the same time that left-wing unions were withstanding employer offensives, and anticommunist legislation. Jencks helped consolidate a Chicano leadership of Mine-Mill Local 890...

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