Monday, February 24, 2020

Starting the Conversation: Daniel A. Olivas's "Things We Do Not Talk About"

by Madison Cappuccio

"I learned that a short story is like a poem: each word, every sentence, has to matter."

- Daniel A. Olivas

In his collection, Things We Do Not Talk About: Exploring Latino/a Literature Through Essays and Interviews, readers follow Daniel A. Olivas down the rabbit hole that is the empowering process of writing; they also get to witness Olivas's becoming as a Latina/o/x author. The experiences of twenty-eight esteemed authors, including Salvador Plascencia, Gustavo Arellano, and Reyna Grande, are documented through enlightening interviews that are quintessential for new writers. Through these essays and interviews, Olivas invites his audience to travel in time--readers encounter the roots of Chicano culture and the oppressive stigmas that have inhibited the welcoming of Mexican-American excellence in writing and beyond. The author calls upon Latino creatives to use the power of language to initiate widespread Chicano representation and breakdown America's wall of bigotry. Olivas's sharing of stories, coupled with his expertise in law and literature, encourages readers to examine the relationship between justice and reality. You will be tasked with the challenge of opening your eyes to a mirror of stories that reflect the ugly truth of living in a blind society. Join the RevolutionÚnete a la revolución and learn more about the movement supporting the Latino community's resilience by getting your hands on a copy of Daniel A. Olivas' awe-inspiring anthology Things We Do Not Talk About here.

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