Tuesday, June 28, 2016

EL PUNTO CIEGO, Visual Poetry from Argentina

Alberto Hidalgo. Jaqueca, 1923
EL PUNTO CIEGO / THE BLIND SPOT—Argentina's visual poetry revealed. 

EL PUNTO CIEGO is a collection of poems from Argentina covering poets and artists  from the 1920s to present. These are not just poems written in Spanish—they are visual poems.  They transcend language and the restrictions of textual poetry.  You don’t need to know Spanish to appreciate this book.  Poetry is no longer restricted by language. 

Oliverio Girondo. Espantapárajos, 1932

EL PUNTO CIEGO has some of the most important Argentinian poets and artists of the last century while covering various genres.  This anthology contains both styles of poetry: textual and visual. It is a beautiful collection of visual poetry from Argentina that has been in the the blind spot of the eye. The poets and artists are breaking barriers of communication. Their work can reach people of all languages. Because visual poetry breaks the langauge barrier, it is important to put the work from these artists in the forefront of art and literature. 

EL PUNTO CIEGO includes work from Alberto Hidalgo, Oliverio Girondo, Xul Solar, Carmelo Arden Quin, Alejandro Sirio, Alberto Greco, León Ferrari and Mirtha Dermisache, Edgardo ANtonio Vigo, Luis Pazos and Juan Carlos Romero, Marie Orensanz, Susana Fernández Sachaos, Ivana Martinez Vollaro, Luis Felipe Noé, plus many more.

Susana Fernández Sachaos. Escrito en el Cuerpo, 2007

There are two editions to this Anthology of visual poetry.


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