Friday, February 08, 2013

SDSU presents "Reading in America". Does Such A Thing Exist Anymore?

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Hello there my beautiful blog readers! 

I have some exciting news to share, which may actually come as a surprise to those individuals who believe that TV, computers and movies have replaced the need for reading.


According to Reading in America: A Progress Report, Professor James Flood says, "It is through reading that we achieve  our greatest potential  so we thank you for sharing these thoughts with us, and what we wanted to talk with you about is where as a nation we are in reading.  We want to rejoice, we want to celebrate our successes" (4). 

Congratulations America!  Contrary to popular belief, you are ALL competent readers - and this, my dear dear SDSU Press shoppers and avid readers, is the gift you are capable of giving to the next generation. 

Put down the remote control and pick up this book (a mere 37 pages to read) so that you may see some of the research done by Professors Diane Lapp and James Flood. In this University Lecture series, you, the reader, are given puzzles to figure out, charts to analyze, and paragraphs to think about critically.  This is, after all, a book that was written to give you the option of participating in The University Research Lecture Series.  You deserve to read about how great you are as an educated American and should bask in your glory while flipping through the pages of this book.  You may learn something you didn't 

"[Americans] spend for entertainment and reading about $1,100 a year...$140 or 12% of their fun money is spent on reading...Americans are reading" (Lapp 10).

You hear that?  Reading is FUN! (Buy me, Buy me, Read me!)


Here are some examples of what you might come across.  Even though they say not to judge a book by its cover, I'd have to say that this one looks pretty sharp.  Be one of those Americans who loves to read because you know it is a tremendous gift to be literate, and you should not take it for granted. 

Sixth University Research Lecture; San Diego State University.  Reading in America: A Progress Report.  Research by James Flood and Diane K. Lapp.   

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