Thursday, August 02, 2012

Get Inspired by Catherine Yi-yu Cho Woo's book, "Luster of Jade: Poetry, Painting, and Music"

Born in the capital of China, Catherine Yi-yu Cho Woo is an artist that has reached  
international success. Dr. Woo has excelled as a poet, painter, composer, teacher, and scholar. With numerous awards, nine books and a teaching position at San Diego State University, one of her poems was turned into a song that became a number one hit in Taiwan. Due to her breathtaking representations of nature, and soul she was asked by President Bush to serve on the National Council for the Arts in 1991.

San Diego State University Press has captured some of Dr. Woo’s talent in this 1992 publication, “Luster of Jade: Poetry, Painting, and Music.” Dr. Woo’s poetry has a signature feature, as her strategic use of space is as unique as her word choice. Although Dr. Woo has reached international fame, her poetry still explores elements of human behavior that is easy to relate to, as her poem Memories goes:

A smile
            A touch
                        A whisper
In the Background
                                Yet never gone
They were thrown away
                                    Yet they stayed
They are ours

This compilation of Dr. Woo's talent is not confined to poetry, but also includes her artwork. Paintings which have been described as, "visual poems, because of the simplicity, intensity, and purity of her expressions" and which have graced the walls of Harvard's Sackler Museum and Taiwan's National Gallery in Taipei. Dr. Woo's perception of the world is clearly seen in her artwork and poetry and if allowed to, can also inspire.  

A copy of, "Luster of Jade: Poetry, Painting, and Music" is available on Amazon for only $2.95! 

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